Birel ART introduces the New 2022 Chassis

After carrying out the usual development work during the 2021 season with an extraordinary level of commitment, the Italian manufacturer officially launches the models for the year 2022 and reveals the innovations applied to all the go-karts in its vast range to meet the needs of every class: from the MINI to the shifter class, including the non-shifter and DD2 classes. 

Birel ART is ready to face the 2022 season in the best possible way thanks to its new chassis. There are several innovations for both the latest generation of models, identified by the initials S14, and the Free Line range of accessories. Starting from the solid base provided by the S12 go-karts, Birel ART engineers have continued to refine various technical details and devised innovative components to pursue twin goals: to improve performance out on the track, by optimising the way their chassis work, and to favour ease of use, facilitating the work of drivers as well as that of teams. Furthermore, the RY and CRY 30 models will benefit from the new homologation number 007/CH/10, while the 32 chassis will keep the current number 007/CH/12

Birel ART offers two frames for the junior and senior non-shifter classes, the RY30-S14 and RY32-S14 models, which benefit from an upgrade regarding the geometry of the frame. Also new are the adjustable pedals in the HI-TECH range, the adjustable support of the muffler, the KG fairings (model 507) with the latest homologation (front, rear and number plate) and the graphics of the stickers kit (with an even more modern and captivating look).

More specifically, the Free Line pedals made of forged aluminium guarantee greater strength and allow multiple positional adjustments so that they can easily be adapted to the different characteristics of each driver. 

There are also two chassis for the shifter classes: CRY30-S14 and CRY32-S14. They have the same technical innovations as the non-shifter models, except for the new adjustable support of the muffler (not necessary on karts in the KZ classes), but with the addition of the new transmission connecting rod of the HI-TECH range, made of forged aluminium, which offers greater stiffness to ensure more precise and direct gear changes: an advantage both in terms of driving sensations and performance.

The new range of the Italian manufacturer also includes two chassis for the DD2 class: CRY30RX-S14 and CRY32RX-S14. These models also boast the same upgrades found on the shifter karts, except for the new transmission connecting rod (not present on the karts used in the DD2 class).

Another major development by Birel ART is the chassis for the MINI class, the C28 S124, with homologation 007/CH/92. In addition to the upgrade of the frame, the new adjustable muffler support and the standard MK20 fairing, the model aimed at younger drivers has been enhanced by both a new system for adjusting the steering column position and a new support for the steering column of the HI-TECH range, which help drivers find their ideal driving position. 

As confirmation of their efficiency, the braking systems remain unchanged on all chassis and have been newly homologated. However, the continuous search for perfection has prompted the Italian manufacturer to homologate a new system for the front brakes of shifter go-karts, which is still under development. The list of innovations offered by Birel ART in view of the coming season is completed by new rear hubs that are 50 mm in diameter and 100 mm in length, characterised by a special structure capable of generating more grip.

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