Birel China Limited

We are delighted to announce the establishment of Birel China Limited, a joint venture company in Greater China, aimed at enhancing our commitment to the local market and customers. Mr. Zeyang Sun has taken on the role of General Manager of the company, while Ronni Sala assumes the position of Chairman. Starting in 2024, BirelArt will launch a brand direct sales model in Greater China, ensuring optimal customer service through different initiatives.

Our first focus is on pricing transparency, developing a strict pricing system and only authorizing officially certified partners to distribute our products.

To further enhance service convenience, we are establishing a dedicated professional mechanic team. This team will be available to provide services to customer and maintain sufficient inventory to swiftly meet demand.

Moreover, in our pursuit of more value-added services, we will continue to bring official racing events, training programs, and we aim to create international promotional channels for the best drivers, thereby contributing to the growth of motorsport in China.

Ronni Sala: "I am confident that with this Chinese partnership and the stock of material there we will be able to not only ensure excellent service for both the racing and rental departments, as well as the spare parts division, but to also contribute to the growth of BirelArt’ s image in the Chinese territory."

Zeyang Sun: "BirelART is the key player in karting industry, we will not only provide the good products and services for Chinese clients, the most important is to help China expand the motorsport population and improve racing competitive level, China should have more F1 drivers like ZHOU.”





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