The 3rd annual meeting of Birel ART distributors

The 3rd annual meeting of Birel ART's international distributors took place on 6th and 7th November, with 25 of them at the headquarters of the Italian plant near Monza. 2019, the year of the brand's 60th anniversary, was crowned by the conquest of the World KZ Championship. Symbolising Birel ART's rebirth at the highest level of international competition, this success has boosted the enthusiasm of retailers around the world and their customers by bringing to life the successful modernisation of the Italian factory on the track.

During two very productive days, Birel ART's vision of the future was presented and discussed with international distributors regarding racing, rental and the future of e-commerce. The new decade beginning in 2020 will bring by several major innovations for the Lissone company.

Ronni Sala, President of Birel ART:

"This third annual meeting with distributors allows me to come back to the personal aspect that is essential to our development. At a time when we are relying more and more on technology to ensure the quality of our production and the efficiency of our logistics, I would like to remind you that it is the relationship of mutual trust between us and all our resellers that allows us to make the difference. More than ever, we remain attentive to our network to adapt to the needs of our customers and together make our products more attractive throughout the world."

New competition products

The other innovation of the year was of course the launch of a new prestigious range, that of Charles Leclerc, alongside those of Birel ART, Ricciardo Kart and Kubica Racing Kart, which of course incorporates the latest developments.

A new product was then presented to the distributors, the KZ Junior. The result of a collaboration between Birel ART and the engine manufacturer Motori Seven, this is a preparatory category for 12-15 year olds wishing to race in KZ, then in single-seaters. The KZ Junior is powered by an 85cc 25 hp engine, equipped with a 6-speed gearbox with steering wheel controls. Its implementation is planned through the Easykart series in Italy and other European countries.

More Rental innovations

Birel ART's progress on the Rental market continues with the addition of new tracks throughout the world. In collaboration with Rotax, performance will be at the forefront of leisure karting thanks to an innovative model equipped with a DD2 engine.

The strong growth of the electric market was accompanied by intensive presence for Birel ART during major FIA events. After participating in several FIA conferences in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East, as well as the Milan Rally Show, Birel ART was the star of the Slalom Cup and the Girls on Track challenge at the first FIA Motorsport Games in Rome. The growing visibility of Birel ART electric karts throughout the world is therefore supporting a growing market for retailers.

At the forefront of e-commerce

Although Birel ART remains the oldest brand of karts, it is nonetheless resolutely looking towards the future. Part of the second day of the distributors' meeting was devoted to the latest business techniques on the Internet, enabling us to fully embrace e-commerce, an essential component of tomorrow's landscape.

To close these two very productive days, several trophies were awarded to the best distributors of the year.

Best World Dealer: PSL Karting - Dominic Labrecque (CAN/USA)

Best European Dealer: MGT - Patrice Mich (FRA)

Best Performer: JM Racing - John Mills (GBR)

As last year, international distributors did not hide their satisfaction in collaborating with the Birel ART Group, whose production quality and dynamism directly reflect their work. They left Lissone with a fighting spirit, ready to start another decade of success with Birel ART.

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