Valencia: Top Five for Morgatto in the European OK Championship

Following on from Birel ART's excellent performances in OK since the start of the season, Matheus Morgatto - CL Racing Team took 5th place in the standings at the end of the first round of the European Championship in Valencia, Spain. Noah Wolfe - VAR by Birel concluded with a strong Final climb of 11 places, while Ean Eyckmans - Birel ART Racing qualified in 5th position for the Final.

"The competitiveness of our TM Kart-powered Birel ART chassis enabled several of our drivers to shine in Valencia," said Jordon Lennox, OK Team Manager of Birel ART Racing. "Matheus Morgatto put in his best performance of the year in the colours of CL Racing Kart, while Noah Wolfe - VAR by Birel achieved some very encouraging results despite a number of setbacks. Ean Eyckmans was well on his way to fighting for the lead again, but the Final didn't go his way, nor did Mees Houben, who had shown a good level right up to his Super Heat. Ludovico Busso progressed well despite several incidents. It's been an eventful weekend for our OK-Junior drivers, who were showing convincing speed at the start of the meeting. We can now look forward with confidence to the 2nd European event and the Champions of the Future Euro Series which precedes it on the Val d'Argenton circuit in France.”

Highlights from Valencia (ESP) in OK

Matheus Morgatto - CL Racing Team
11th out of 85 in Qualifying, two wins and two 2nd places in the heats, 3rd in the intermediate standings, 8th in the Final, 5th in the European Championship standings.

Noah Wolfe - VAR by Birel
20th in Qualifying, 3rd and 4th in the heats, double DNF, 12th with the fastest race lap in Super Heat A despite a penalty for an incorrectly positioned front fairing, 14th in the final with a gain of 11 places.

Ean Eyckmans
12th in Qualifying, 3rd, 5th, 2nd and 4th in the heats, 10th in the intermediate standings, 2nd in Super Heat B (up 3 places), 5th on the grid in the Final, 18th at the finish, 12th in the European Championship standings.

Mees Houben
17th in Qualifying, 5th, 6th and 7th in the heats, 15th in Super Heat A with a penalty for an incorrectly positioned front fairing, 26th in the Final.

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